Farmers’ new invention makes combining faster, cleaner, and safer

Farmers dealing with trash and fluff on corn heads will find a new product from Shelton/Hay LLC quite useful. Called the TRASH REEL™ the device was developed by two Iowa farmers, Britt Shelton and Darrel Hay, who have found an answer to this frustrating problem…and they guarantee it to work.

The TRASH REEL™ is designed to fold — an important aspect of the design since the reel isn’t needed until corn leaves and stalks dry out. This is especially true with certain hybrids. The convenience of leaving the reel folded up keeps it out of the way until needed. To activate the reel, simply fold it down, turn it on with the included valve, and continue to combine corn. The reel turns slowly keeping the trash stirred and moving until it enters the combine feederhouse.

Without the reel, farmers have to slow down, or worse yet, completely stop to clear the trash, reducing productivity. Additionally, the TRASH REEL™ makes your job safer. Without a reel, farmers have to stop frequently to clean the trash out of their corn heads – a slow, dirty, and unsafe situation.

Trash Reel was highlighted in an article published in Successful Farming.

"Any Farmer who has had to stop combining corn because the corn head keeps plugging up can relate to Britt Shelton's frustration."

"He and partner Darrel Hay plant over 2,000 acres of corn near Webster City, Iowa. With so many acres to cover, downtime to unplug a combine's corn head isn't efficient"


Just one afternoon of trash piling up on the cornhead is so frustrating!

Trash Reel clears head of trashy corn leaves that pile up and slow you down.

Use on dry days when fluff and trash piles up in front of your feederhouse opening.

With Trash Reel, you are able to combine at normal speed.

No more stopping to kick, push and drag trash from the cornhead!

Easily mounts to JD, CIH, New Holland, Drago and Geringhoff Cornheads

Works well in downed corn, especially with plastic snouts.

Easily folds up when not needed. When folded, it clears the cab and snouts... even with the snouts folded.

NEW! Full-Length Kits now available!

The "mini corn reel" is guaranteed to clear fluff and trash from your cornhead!